Nature’s revenge -corona

If we disturb nature it will take revenge by itself. corona is best example of that. Always be just like nature be always be kind enough and supportive to every one but if a person disturb the initial nature of yours never let him go without the feel of regret,than only anyone can respect you .Thats the nature does with us ,we disturb it and its natural setting, it make balance and bound to feel regret for our doing. Who ever so does make the mistake or responsible the whole world has to pay for it ,but nature is nature it always gives you a lesson in this critical situation also it makes us unite and gives a lesson of unity. All the wars were stop and everyone become calm and is thinking to overcome it.If all the countries be unite just like to fight against corona there will be no virus which can effect mankind .so guys…….Learn from nature and be always be faithful to it,it will never let you down.

Nature teaches with love……

Nature …..A great teacher .It is who teaches us each and every thing with perfect example .It is who teaches with positive and negative result. If we takes care of it ,it will cares of us.,otherwise it may give result which was not expected and accepted in any ways. It teaches us how to face difficulties and how to stand in adverse situation. If we face the adverse situation we will surely win.

Nature sets examples for us ,see the bud which is going to blossom in upcoming days will fight with that cover in which it was binded up ,if it win than only it will be converted into flower otherwise it will be ruined. Nature teaches us to share which we are having in excess. If we share we receives more if we don’t ,than our possessions will ruined one day and we got nothing.

So appreciate the beauty of nature and learn what it wants to teach and always be cherish like a flower.

Have a nice day .


What the word means to you?

A friend is a person who knows everything about you and even more than you. He is just a person to whom you shares everything without hesitation and open your heart in front of him,because you know that he is always with you. A friend is person who is always demanding but when you need something he would be there before you to help you out. He is with you in each and every situation .It may happen he is not very near to you but he is always very close to you.

Friendship is a bond that strengthen your relation and reminds you that you are not alone. This relationship gives you the reason to laugh and cry or to share the feeling to whom who will be able to understand the real meaning and depth of feeling .

A real friend always knows things without saying a word. He would be able to understand your feeling and emotion. But now a days this type of friendship or relationship are rarely seen because persons are too busy they don’t have time for each other that is the reason a teenager are also facing lots of difficulties in their life because they don’t wants to share or they don’t have trust on each other.

If we really wants to celebrate this friendship day first of all we have to trust and share the things to whom we want than only the life will be easy and great.

A friend is the greatest blessings of god to mankind. A real friend is just like treasure.

Make good friends and enjoy the real life. A happy friendship day to all.

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